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How to use captain-so in a sentence. Captain-so pronunciation.

My sister here is imploring me to find some one to stand by her, so that our Captain-so that he may carry her back home when she’s served her time.
To be sure women, like all other savages, require a male leader-I mean to say, just as Goorkha troops, though brave as lions, must have an English captain-so they conquered under my guidance!
I thank you, Captain-so few believe in me- KING.

Examples of Captain-so

Example #1
Do stand by her in this, there’s a dear. _Pistoc.
Example #2
Ut revehatur domum, ubi ei dediderit operas, ne hanc ille habeat pro ancilla sibi; nam si haec habeat aurum quod illi renumeret, faciat lubens.
Example #3
Having had experience in fitting out for the wilderness, I was requested to see to the stores-so many hams to so many people for so many days, so much coffee, and so forth.
Example #4
Twelve men, even though backed up by a city council, have no chance against any ten women.
Example #5
Come now within, Columbus; I'll look at your maps and charts.
Example #6
The Jester creeps up, takes maps, runs into the court with them, and disappears.