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How to use captain-the in a sentence. Captain-the pronunciation.

The Captain-the most 'ticerler man I know-he took ter him at once.
No; I'm Darrin, the pewter-plate second captain-the worst you've got to fear to-day," laughed Dave, as he held out his hand.
THE CAPTAIN.-"'The Unknown, or the Northern Gallery'-" MR.

Examples of Captain-the

Example #1
He 's a kinder good-lookin' feller.
Example #2
DARLIN': (_stirring at the pot_).
Example #3
Captain Forsythe, in full field toggery, came in, followed by the members of the visiting team, all as completely attired for work.
Example #4
I believe he can do it better.
Example #5
The old race of country gentlemen is already much diminished by the grasping cupidity of such leviathans; and if the race be once extinct, what will become of the boast and strength of England?
Example #6
Of one thing I am convinced,-we squires and sons of squires must make common cause against those great moneyed capitalists, or they will buy us all out in a few generations.