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Definition of Carbonic

  • Of, pertaining to, or obtained from, carbon; as, carbonic oxide.
  • relating to or consisting of or yielding carbon

How to use carbonic in a sentence. Carbonic pronunciation.

Venous blood contains in 100 volumes: Nitrogen, 13; Carbonic Acid, 71.6; Oxygen, 15.3.
Arterial blood: Nitrogen, 14.5; Carbonic Acid, 62.3; Oxygen, 23.2.
I am sorry to see that Lindley abides by the carbonic acid gas theory.
I grieve to find Humboldt an adorer of Von Buch, with his classification of volcanos, craters of elevation, etc., etc., and carbonic acid gas atmosphere.
Carbonic acid is not poison.
But carbonic oxide, which is also liberated from burning anthracite, is an active poison, and one per cent of it in the air we breathe may prove instantly fatal.
The popular notion that foul air must be drawn from the bottom of a room is based, I think, upon a superficial knowledge of the weight of carbonic acid, an ignorance of the law of the diffusion of gases,-upon a realizing sense of the cost of coal, and an insensibility to the worth of fresh air.
The air we breathe is made up of four elements, at least: oxygen, nitrogen, carbonic acid gas, and knowledge.
It smashes into flinders, the marble dust combines with the sulphuric acid, and forms a neutral liquid, bubbling with carbonic acid.
Even you, Griggs, must know that carbonic acid gas will put out any fire, without damaging anything.
They're not dangerous, as long as there is no carbonic acid gas given off, and I don't smell any of that, yet.
Colour is thus evidently produced by the absorption of carbonic acid gas: and the colouring matter may be detected by a powerful microscope, lodged in the cellular substance of the leaf.
It contains free carbonic acid gas.
The effects of a mysterious pie, and some sweetened carbonic acid known to the proprietor of the Half-way House as "lemming sody," still oppressed me.
A large audience assembled, and a brilliant series of elementary experiments with oxygen, hydrogen, and carbonic acid was concluded by the Plateau demonstration.
It will doubtless seem amazing to many that for ages the weight of theological thought in Christendom was thrown against the idea of the suffocating properties of certain gases, and especially of carbonic acid.
It was air tight, warmed and illuminated with coal gas, and the oxygen for breathing was got from chlorate of potash, while the carbonic acid produced by the lungs and gas-burners was absorbed with caustic potash to keep the air pure.
Of these, the siliceous are chiefly made up of sand or flinty grains; the argillaceous, or clayey, of a mixture of siliceous matter with a certain proportion, about a fourth in weight, of aluminous earth; and, lastly, the calcareous rocks, or limestones, of carbonic acid and lime.
This division comprehends those rocks which, like chalk, are composed chiefly of lime and carbonic acid.
To obtain pure lime it is necessary to calcine these calcareous substances, that is to say, to expose them to heat of sufficient intensity to drive off the carbonic acid, and other volatile matter.

Examples of Carbonic

Example #1
Arterial blood: Nitrogen, 14.5; Carbonic Acid, 62.3; Oxygen, 23.2.
Example #2
Their exact constitution is not known; analysis shows that they contain approximately: Carbon 50-55%, Hydrogen 6.9-7.5%, Nitrogen 15-19%, Oxygen 20-24%, Sulphur 0.3-2.0%.
Example #3
Venous blood contains in 100 volumes: Nitrogen, 13; Carbonic Acid, 71.6; Oxygen, 15.3.
Example #4
By the way, I was much pleased by Lindley picking out my extinction paragraphs and giving them uncurtailed.
Example #5
There is a favourable, but not strong enough review on you, in the "Gardeners' Chronicle".