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How to use care-my in a sentence. Care-my pronunciation.

I don't care-my father says there used to be one somewhere along here, but he guesses the mouth must have got covered up when Duck Creek changed its course.
I beg your pardon, Mr. Monson,"-rising, and again brushing his knees with some care-"my mind is in such a state of confusion, that I scarcely know what I say.
I have but one care-my poor infant!

Examples of Care-my

Example #1
You know the creek used to flow on the other side of the island there.
Example #2
She had been mentally thanking her stars she didn't have to cook for Carol very often.
Example #3
Will you have the goodness to explain this matter to me?
Example #4
Every thing is agreeable to us that belongs to an object we love.
Example #5
Father of mercy," continued she, raising her eyes, "of thy infinite goodness, grant that the sins of the parent be not visited on the unoffending child.
Example #6
I have an humble confidence in the mercy of him who died to save the world, and trust that my sufferings in this state of mortality, joined to my unfeigned repentance, through his mercy, have blotted my offences from the sight of my offended maker.