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How to use careless-like in a sentence. Careless-like pronunciation.

Then, careless-like, I began to peek at Rojas.
I'll jist ax en to come to tea next Sunday, and I'll tell en as a very nice body what we've lately got acquainted wi' be a' a-comin' to tea, too; an' I'll jist set down, careless-like, as she have got a bank-book what is worth seein'.
Ah," said the darning needle, careless-like, "do not distress yourself, Jimmie.

Examples of Careless-like

Example #1
They call Rojas the 'dandy rebel,' an' he shore looked the part.
Example #2
I didn't give them a second look till Jim said he reckoned there was somethin' in the wind.
Example #3
I bain't a-goin' to say nothin' at all about wedlock.
Example #4
Ah, that 'ud maybe do very well,' says Domeny, and we did put our heads together, and between us the letter was wrote.
Example #5
I know you are a good boy.
Example #6
You know what I mean: one of those funny, long bugs sometimes called a dragon fly, with beautiful wings, and long legs and body.