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Definition of Caretaker

  • a custodian who is hired to take care of something (property or a person)
  • an official who performs the duties of an office temporarily

How to use caretaker in a sentence. Caretaker pronunciation.

Lady Strachie wishes to thoroughly recommend her permanent Caretaker and Husband."-_Advt.
After some delay she was answered by a caretaker, whose pail and brush of themselves told her that the working day was over and the workers gone.
Kennedy had hardly begun to repeat and elaborate the story which he had already told regarding his mythical friend who had at last a commercial wireless "televue," as he called it on the spur of the moment, when Jane, the aged caretaker, announced Dr. Scott.
The aged caretaker met us at the door.
You see it was like this: Twice a week, just after sundown, we used to see Gian Bellini untie his boat from the landing there behind the Doge's palace, turn the prow, and beat out for Murano, with no companion but that deaf old caretaker.
He had been a man of innumerable occupations-nothing long: caretaker of tanks, rabbit-trapper, boundary-rider, cook at a shearers' camp, and, in due time, he became book-keeper at O'Fallen's.
Presently, through the palings of a back yard on Sixty-fifth Street, Brown saw a small boy, evidently the progeny of some caretaker, regarding him intently.
It did not appreciably affect him this time-down in dirty Sandridge, hobnobbing with the baby's caretaker and the general merchant, who, shutting his shop at six, was free to make the sailor's acquaintance, and help him to spend a pleasant evening.
I’m John Morgan, caretaker of the resorters’ houses up the lake.
He carried a heavy club, and, after listening for a moment for sounds of the enemy, he hurried after the caretaker.
He did not refer to his encounter with the caretaker, and I resolved to keep my knowledge of it to myself.
Possibly it belonged to Morgan, the caretaker.
It was Morgan, the caretaker of the summer colony.
I abused myself roundly for managing the encounter so stupidly, and in my rage fired twice with no aim whatever after the flying figure of the caretaker.
But the caretaker over at the summer resort has even a lonelier time, I suppose.
Both Bates and Morgan, the caretaker, were liars of high attainment.
I have just been over to see Morgan, the caretaker at the resort village.
Very likely he was off condoling with his friend and fellow conspirator, the caretaker, and I fumed with rage and disappointment.
We’re all sworn deputy sheriffs,” called the caretaker smoothly.
Davidson, the detective, seemed disgusted at Morgan’s tactics, openly abused the caretaker, and ran ahead of his column, revolver in hand, bearing down upon Larry, who held our center.

Examples of Caretaker

Example #1
After that the train went off.
Example #2
Then the guard went away, and Chum and I had a little talk ...
Example #3
Nobody, save perhaps Mr. Grateley himself, was left, she assured Katharine; every one else had been gone these ten minutes.
Example #4
She rang the bell, peremptorily, under the painted name of the firm.
Example #5
The new doctor was a youthfully dressed man, clean-shaven, but with an undefinable air of being much older than his smooth face led one to suppose.
Example #6
The invalid lay propped up in bed, and as we entered he heard us and turned his sightless eyes in our direction almost as if he saw.