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Definition of Cassie

  • a type of tropical American thorny shrub or small tree (Acacia farnesiana); it bears fragrant yellow flowers used in making perfumery.
  • tropical American thorny shrub or small tree; fragrant yellow flowers used in making perfumery

How to use cassie in a sentence. Cassie pronunciation.

He could easily give Cassie McClurg a few shillings a week to come and look after him while you stay here with us!...
Before his death he gave poor Cassie a certain sum of money, and made her promise to leave Washington and never return.
The money your father gave Cassie has gone long since, but Harriet asks no alms of you, only that you will help her to go somewhere far from those who know that she is not as white as she looks, and to give her a chance to earn her living.
The women was Nellie, two Lucys, Martha, Nervie, Jane, Laura, Fannie, Lizzie, Cassie, Tensie, Lindy, an' Mary Jane.

Examples of Cassie

Example #1
I'm thinking about Eleanor and the child.
Example #2
I want it to be born at home!
Example #3
She came here and devoted the few remaining years of her life to the care of her child.
Example #4
Your father, dear madam, the late Harold Carter Madison, left an illegitimate daughter by a woman whom he loved for many years, an octaroon named Cassandra Lee.
Example #5
She is well fitted to be a governess or companion, and no doubt you could easily place her.
Example #6
She shows not a trace of the taint in her blood.