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Definition of Cassiopeia

  • A constellation of the northern hemisphere, situated between Cepheus and Perseus; -- so called in honor of the wife of Cepheus, a fabulous king of Ethiopia.
  • a W-shaped constellation in the northern hemisphere near Polaris
  • (Greek mythology) the wife of Cepheus and mother of Andromeda

How to use cassiopeia in a sentence. Cassiopeia pronunciation.

Or who made Cassiopeia's chair?
There, in its most familiar patch of blue, Where Cassiopeia's five-fold glory burned, An unknown brilliance quivered, a huge star Unseen before, a strange new visitant To heavens unchangeable, as the world believed, Since the creation.
Nor has one fugitive splendour broken yet From Cassiopeia's throne.
Arabia and Sabaea you must strip Of all their sweets, for to supply her lip; And steal new fire from heav'n, for to repair Her unfledg'd scalp with Berenice's hair; Then seat her in Cassiopeia's chair.
In two minutes the old gentleman was pointing out the constellations-the Great Bear hanging low in the north-east, pointing to the Pole star, and across it to Cassiopeia's bright zigzag high in the heavens; the barren square of Pegasus, with its long tail stretching to the Milky Way, and the points that cluster round Perseus; Arcturus, white Vega and yellow Capella; the Twins, and beyond them the Little Dog twinkling through a coppice of naked trees to eastward; yet further round the Pleiads climbing, with red Aldebaran after them; below them Orion's belt, and last of all, Sirius flashing like a diamond, white and red, and resting on the horizon where the dark pasture lands met the sky.

Examples of Cassiopeia

Example #1
Yes, herr; and the mists come down into the col where the snow lies.
Example #2
At last we halted under a beetling rampart of rock which projected from the earth high upon the mountain.
Example #3
Could new stars be born?
Example #4
One frosty night, as Tycho bent his way Home to the dark old abbey, he upraised His eyes, and saw a portent in the sky.
Example #5
The sword-belt of Orion is not sundered.
Example #6
All their flight Has not yet changed the old pattern of the Wain.