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Definition of Caulicle

  • A short caulis or stem, esp. the rudimentary stem seen in the embryo of a seed; -- otherwise called a radicle.

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Nature of the Caulicle 5.
Dr. Gray has adopted caulicle (little stem) in the latest edition of his text-book, which I have followed.
The caulicle can be proved by the manner of its growth to be of the nature of stem, not root.
Roots can also grow from the sides of the caulicle, as in Indian Corn.
It will throw out roots and the pupil will readily understand that the caulicle does the same thing.
They have said that the caulicle was the part to grow first, and have spoken of the arched form of the young stem.
A secondary office is to hold the seed firmly, so that the caulicle can enter the ground.
There is a line down the middle, and, if we carefully bend back the edges of the cotyledon, it splits along this line, showing the plumule and caulicle within.
The root of the Morning-Glory is _primary_; it is a direct downward growth from the tip of the caulicle.
Indian Corn, also, usually starts with a single root, but this does not make a tap-root, and is soon followed by many others from any part of the caulicle, or even from the stem above, giving it the appearance of having a multiple root.

Examples of Caulicle

Example #1
Comparison with other Dicotyledons 4.
Example #2
Study of Morning-Glory, Sunflower, Bean, and Pea 3.
Example #3
The derivation (little root) makes it undesirable.
Example #4
The term radicle is still in general use.
Example #5
The main root grows from its naked end.
Example #6
I have been more successful in pricking the roots than in marking them with a brush.