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Tis to no purpose for such to say, That they are cautious what Plays they see, and always go to the best and that the _Play-Houses_ would thrive whether they frequented them or no.
Mankind, however, grew in age and wisdom; people got weary of the former rowdy, bloody games, and became more serious, thoughtful, and cautious.
The evening of the Count's arrival they did not speak to him on the subject, and were cautious not to make any allusion to it.
It was due to Anna's good sense that a cautious letter was written to the uncle in Berlin suggesting that Cacilie should be taken away.
But Philip had a cautious nature.
Philip had great faith in him, partly because he was a Scotsman and therefore by nature cautious, and partly because he had been right before.
She had been touched by the unreserved and yet ceremonious way in which he had made what he called his offer of terms, but if he was generous it was the more necessary for her to be cautious.
Cautious always, he still took risks and responsibilities which common generals would not have dared to take; and when he had assumed these, his mighty will forbade him to sink under the load.
Saxe felt disposed to refuse; but he took his place, and in a minute or two Dale was up by them, and the guide went on again, repeating the slow cautious process.
But a good hour passed before the cautious animal-as if assured by its own instinct that the way was safe-began to advance, and in a short time was upon the clear ledge, trudging steadily along, Melchior following with his load, till the bright daylight was seen ahead, and they came to a halt on the platform whence Gros had fallen and dragged in his leader.
But, in spite of their cautious procedure, one mass tottered over and came down with an awful crash just as Dale had passed; and the falling of this meant the destruction of a couple of others, the noise of their splintering raising an echo in the narrow gorge which ran upward reverberating like thunder.
So it was very cool for a time in the august cavern of conference where Anson Anstruther, a bright Ithuriel, struggled with the cautious and covetous Swiss preceptress, and the swift steamer Chilian was far up the lake before Captain the victorious Honorable Anson Anstruther, sped away to the morning meeting with the woman who had seemed to lean down from the moon-lit skies upon her young Endymion in that starry night by the throbbing lake.
But be cautious what you say, for you can't prove much, remember.
Larry was at the bat, and cautious about striking.
Now, let's go to work cautious like.
Flodoardo, for Heaven's love, be cautious; often, during your absence, have I trembled lest the miscreant's dagger should have deprived me too of YOU.
For myself I swear that I had rather a thousand times force my passage with a single vessel through the whole Turkish fleet, and carry off the admiral's ship from the midst of them, than attempt to seize this Abellino, who seems to have entered into a compact with Lucifer himself: who is to be found everywhere and nowhere; whom so many have seen, but whom no one knows; whose cautious subtlety has brought to shame the vigilance of our State inquisitors, of the College of Ten, and of all their legions of spies and sbirri; whose very name strikes terror into the hearts of the bravest Venetians, and from whose dagger I myself am not safe upon my throne.
Such vagabonds may well be cautious; they must not forget themselves, who have so much to conceal from others.
Miss Fosdick was obliged to be cautious in her correspondence with her lover.
Now and then raising his arm by a slow, as if cautious movement, he scratched lightly the top of his bald head.

Examples of Cautiou

Example #1
This may he true, but what then, Will this excuse them?
Example #2
Serious_, tell me how they can answer it to _God_, or their own _Consciences_, to be any ways Instrumental towards the _Support_ of so much Wickedness?
Example #3
The old Vikings of song and saga were designated and treated as pirates.
Example #4
Well, the human race has had its childhood-a time of incessant and bloody war; but war was not then one of the scourges of mankind, but a continued, savage, exultant national feast to which daring bands of youths marched forth, meeting victory or death with joy and pleasure. . . .
Example #5
The next day, and the succeeding ones, they practised the same reserve, though very far from suspecting the fatal circumstances which rendered this souvenir so painful to M. de Camors.
Example #6
Madame de Camors and Madame de Tecle had learned, the previous morning, of the death of the General.