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For this was the second part and real aim of his work: to rouse up in the Empire a centripetalism, with Rome for center, before centripetalism, in Rome itself, should have given place to the centrifugal forces of national death.
Nature and Law compel it: whose direction now is towards grand centripetalism, where before they had ordained heterogeneity and the scattering and aloofness of peoples.
In a pralayic time there is no keen national consciousness, no centripetalism.
The empire held together, because Augustus and Tiberius had created a centripetalism in the provinces; and these continued in the main through it all to enjoy the good government the first two emperors had made a tradition in them, and felt but little the hands of the fools or madmen reigning in Rome.
And then, blood from the provinces was always flowing into Rome itself; particularly in the Flavian time; and supplied or fed a new centripetalism there which righted things in the next half-cycle.
The Empire, as empires go, is very old now: four hundred and forty odd years since Ts'in Shi Hwangti founded it; as old as Rome was (from Julius Caesar's time) when the East and West split under Arcadius and Honorius; nearly three centuries older than the British Empire is now;-the cyclic force is running out, centripetalism very nearly wasted.
But things were in the melting-pot, centripetalism had gone; little dynasties flared up quickly and expired; and amidst all those lightning changes there was no time for progress, or deep concerns, or for the Soul of the Black-haired People to be stirring to manifestation.

Examples of Centripetalism

Example #1
Rome ruled the world, and Augustus Rome, by right of conquest; and that is the most precarious right of all, and must always vanish with a change in the cycles.
Example #2
That done, he could stretch out his arms thence to the provinces, and begin to weld them into unity.
Example #3
But Those who sent out the great six Teachers have a hand to play here: they have to put the welding process through upon their own designs.
Example #4
So now in the age that followed that of the Six Teachers, in preparation for that coming time (our own), the attempt must be made to weld nations into unities.
Example #5
There was none in Rome in those days; or not enough to counteract the centrifugalism that simply did not care.
Example #6
Men get the government that represents them; that represent their intelligence, or their laxity, or their vices:-whether it be sent in by the ballot or by a Praetorian Guard with their caprice and spears.