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My Dear Friend,-As I find I never write a letter except at the dunning of the Penny Post,-which is the pest of the century,-I have thought lately of crossing to England to excuse to you my negligence of your injunction, which so flattered me by its affectionateness a year ago.
In a letter written to me a few weeks after this time, upon an occasion when he divined that some word from him would be more than commonly dear, he recurred to the feeling he then expressed: "Fifty-six years ago-more than half a century-I lost my own father, his age being seventy-three years.
This new conception of the Anglican Church- resulting from the revolution in the sixteenth century-is what we mean by Anglicanism as a form of Protestantism.
He had been my prime favorite among the bookwriters of the century,-I mean the nineteenth century,-and a week had rarely passed in my old life during which I had not taken up some volume of his works to while away an idle hour.
To David, Sculptor: The permanence of the work on which I inscribe your name -twice made illustrious in this century-is very problematical; whereas you have graven mine in bronze which survives nations -if only in their coins.
And the name of Taliesin,-whom you may say we know to have been a Welsh poet of the sixth century,-is made the peg on which to hang these floating reminiscences of Druidic teaching;-and the story told about him,-a story replete with universal symbolism, -is, for anyone who has studied that science, clearly symbolic of the initiation of a Teacher of the Secret Doctrine.

Examples of Century-i

Example #1
I was to write once a month.
Example #2
My own disobedience is wonderful, and explains to me all the sins of omission of the whole world.
Example #3
As I have reached that period of life, passed it, and now left it far behind, my recollections seem to brighten and bring back my boyhood and early manhood in a clearer and fairer light than it came to me in my middle decades.
Example #4
Another foray was to recall the oppression and depression of his early religious associations, and to speak with moving tenderness of his father, whose hard doctrine as a minister was without effect upon his own kindly nature.
Example #5
The First Napoleon_ (1900), a military and political outline by an authority on several of the great campaigns of the emperor.
Example #6
It took shape in the eventful years between 1520 and 1570.