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Definition of Certify

  • To give cetain information to; to assure; to make certain.
  • To give certain information of; to make certain, as a fact; to verify.
  • To testify to in writing; to make a declaration concerning, in writing, under hand, or hand and seal.
  • provide evidence for; stand as proof of; show by one's behavior, attitude, or external attributes
  • declare legally insane
  • guarantee payment on; of checks
  • authorize officially
  • guarantee as meeting a certain standard

How to use certify in a sentence. Certify pronunciation.

And who will attest what no one has seen? who will certify what no man comprehends?
As he was entering his palazzo he descried, in the darkness, and at a little distance, a figure wrapped in a mantle, that reminded him of Lucilla;-ere he could certify himself, it was gone.
After looking at it a moment, he read aloud: "This is to certify that we have this day bought the sixty acres of land adjoining Brookside Farm, on the east, for the sum of Eighteen Hundred Dollars ($1800), to be held in trust for Robert Williams, and to be turned over to him whenever he wishes to take possession.
I should be well content to receive one of these stringent epistles of bark and steel and mellow wine with every day's post, but as there is no hope that more will be sent without my writing to signify that these have come, I hereby certify that I love you well and prize all your messages.
It behoves me now to write again without delay; to certify with all distinctness that I have safely received your Letter of the 30th October, safely the Bill for L25 it contained;-that you are a brave, friendly man, of most serene, beneficient way of life; and that I-God help me!- By all means appoint this Mr. Clark to the honorary office of Account-keeper-if he will accept it!
Our pipes, however shrill and squeaking, certify this our faith in Tune, and the eternal Amelioration may one day reach our ears and instruments.
At all events, he regards "Emerson" as intelligent Englishmen all do; and you will please me much by giving him your friendliest reception and furtherance,-which I can certify that he deserves for his own sake, not counting mine at all.
I certify you, brothers, of the gospel preached by me, that it is not according to man; [1:12]for I neither received it from man nor was I taught it, but by a revelation of Jesus Christ.
For instance no bank will pay out a hundred dollars or often even a dollar without identification, but they will certify a check for almost any office boy who comes in with it.
It lieth not in my power to give you any other manner of assurance, or otherwise to certify you of what shall ensue on this your undertaking.
The fools, whose number, as Solomon certifies, is infinite, shall go to pot like a parcel of mad bedlamites as they are; and all manner of folly shall have an end, that being also numberless, according to Avicenna, maniae infinitae sunt species.
I certify that this act did originate in the Senate. ASBURY DICKINS, _Secretary_. PROCLAMATION.
Such gropings of the mind certify our ignorance; the strange thing is that they can be held by any one to demonstrate that our ignorance is final knowledge.
I hereby certify that this is a true and correct copy of Mr. Landsborough's journal.
The time had elapsed, and the sheriff hesitated to receive his submission; but Macdonald prevailed by his importunities, and even tears, in inducing that functionary to administer to him the oath of allegiance, and to certify the cause of his delay.
I hereby certify that I was personally acquainted with Sarah J. Richards, now Sarah J. Richardson, at the time she resided in Worcester, Mass.
This certifies that I this day united in marriage, Frederick S. Richardson and Sarah J. Richards, both of Worcester.
I certify that this act did originate in the Senate.
After many years Providence, desiring to show especial regard for New South Wales and exhibit loving interest in its welfare which should certify to all nations the recognition of that colony's conspicuous righteousness and distinguished well-deserving, conferred upon it that treasury of inconceivable riches, Broken Hill; and South Australia went over the border and took it, giving thanks.
Providence, desiring to show especial regard for the neighboring colony on the west called Western Australia-and exhibit a loving interest in its welfare which should certify to all nations the recognition of that colony's conspicuous righteousness and distinguished well-deserving, had recently conferred upon it that majestic treasury of golden riches, Coolgardie; and now South Australia had gone around the corner and taken it, giving thanks.

Examples of Certify

Example #1
Besides, what addition or diminution will it make to our existence, to answer yes or no to all these chimeras?
Example #2
We have forgotten our own infancy, and shall we know the infancy of the world?
Example #3
On entering his rooms, he looked eagerly over the papers and notes on his table: he seemed disappointed with the result, and sat himself down in moody and discontented thought.
Example #4
It was the evening before Godolphin left Rome.
Example #5
The sum of $1800, the purchase price, to be paid to the First National Bank at his convenience and draw six per cent.
Example #6
The first payment of One Hundred Dollars ($100) on account, is hereby acknowledged.