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Definition of Chainless

  • Having no chain; not restrained or fettered.

How to use chainless in a sentence. Chainless pronunciation.

Belovéd Goddess of the chainless mind!
But Charlotte's was not by any means "a chainless soul".
The vision is of the woman captive, "confined in triple walls", the "guest darkly lodged", the "chainless soul", that defies its conqueror, its gaoler, and the spectator of its agony.
But, even while he thought it, his hand sought his watch, which he carried chainless in a pocket of his vest.
My mind, imperial and free from artificial restraints, plunged riotously into forbidden realms, I reveled in the exaltation of chainless thought, and drank from the deepest wells of rebellion delicious draughts of secret sin, thanking, yea thanking, this sweet madness which gave a glorious independence.
Dream not, because her Pilgrim blood moves slow, and calm, and cool, She thus can stoop her chainless neck, a sister's slave and tool!

Examples of Chainless

Example #1
Born far beyond the mountains, but his blood Is all meridian, as if never fanned By the black wind that chills the polar flood.[ie] 12.
Example #2
But the distraction of a various lot, As various as the climates of our birth.
Example #3
It struggled and hankered after the unattainable.
Example #4
It is true that she kept her head above the stream, and that the failure of the material event did not frustrate or hinder her ultimate achievement.
Example #5
But whatever its place, it has the same visionary quality.
Example #6
The fourth poem, "The Prisoner", is a fragment, and an obscure fragment, which may belong to a very different cycle.