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How to use chala in a sentence. Chala pronunciation.

The astrologer listened attentively to his story and then asked whether Jadu Babu would try Bati Chala (divination by the bata leaf), or some simpler method of discovering the lost jasam.
And he devoured those foremost of monkeys known by the name of Chala, and Chandachala, and Vajravahu.
It would be wiser to spend the time in gathering money for the new fire-temple at Chala.

Examples of Chala

Example #1
On learning that the matter would be left entirely in his hands, he told Jadu Babu to collect all his servants in the parlour and let him have half a seer (1 lb.) of raw rice, with as many strips of banana leaf as there were servants.
Example #2
In despair he hurried to Nalini for advice and was told to send for Gobardhan, which he promptly did.
Example #3
And beholding that fearful act of the _Rakshasa_, other monkeys were frightened and set forth a loud wail of fear.
Example #4
And attacked by them thus, Kumbhakarna only laughed at them and began to eat them up.
Example #5
No king will ever rise from the broken race of Israel, and no end will ever come to the eternal strife of light and darkness.
Example #6
It comes from too much looking upon the stars and the cherishing of lofty thoughts.