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Athens, partially aroused, sent a body of mercenaries to the assistance of Olynthus, one of the most flourishing of the cities of Chalcidia, southeast of Macedonia.
Three expeditions were sent into Chalcidia, under the command of Chares, numbering altogether four thousand Athenians and ten thousand mercenaries.
No such calamity had befallen Greece for a century as the conquest of Chalcidia, and it filled Athens with unspeakable alarms.

Examples of Chalcidium

Example #1
But before effective aid could he rendered, the island of Eubœa, through the intrigues of Philip, revolted from Athens.
Example #2
Hostilities broke out in the year 350 B.C., and Demosthenes put forward all his eloquence to excite his countrymen to vigorous war.
Example #3
But they were powerless against the conquering arms of Philip, who completely overran and devastated the peninsula, taking thirty-two cities, and selling the people for slaves.
Example #4
In the year following, Athens made great exertions in behalf of Olynthus, and amid great financial embarrassments.
Example #5
At last Olynthus fell, B.C. 347, and the spoils of this old Hellenic city were divided among the soldiers of the conqueror, who celebrated his victories by a splendid festival.