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How to use chall in a sentence. Chall pronunciation.

Laban Pascoe, the hind, spent his night in the upper field where the sheep lay, while I spent mine in the chall[1] looking after Dinah, our Alderney, that had slipped her calf in the afternoon-being promised the castling's skin for a Sunday waistcoat, if I took care of the mother.
Inside the chall the only sounds were the slow chewing of the cows, the rattle of a tethering-block, now and then, or a moan from Dinah.
A little head, bright with tumbled curls, was thrust in, and a pair of round eyes stared round the chall, then back to me, and rested on my face.
She stepped inside the chall, shutting the door behind her.
The warm air of the chall weighed on her eyelids; and, as they closed, her head sank on my shoulder.

Examples of Chall

Example #1
Bating the cold air that came under the door, I kept pretty cosy, what with the straw-bands round my legs and the warm breath of the cows: for we kept five.
Example #2
That Christmas-eve, while the singers were up at the house and the fiddles going like mad, it was a dismal time for two of us.
Example #3
Twice the uproar from the house coaxed me to the door to have a look at Laban's scarlet lantern moving above, and make sure that he was worse off than I.
Example #4
There was no wind outside, but moonlight and a still, frozen sky, like a sounding board: so that every note of the music reached me, with the bleat of Laban's sheep far up the hill, and the waves' wash on the beaches below.
Example #5
I was dozing, belike, when a light tap on the door made me start up, rubbing my eyes.
Example #6
But mostly I lay still on my straw in the one empty stall staring into the foggy face of my own lantern, thinking of the waistcoat, and listening.