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How to use chamberlaine in a sentence. Chamberlaine pronunciation.

This morning we have been to see Miss Chamberlaine look hot on horseback.
He tooke seruents, to wit, a Steward, a Gentleman Vsher, Pages, a Gentleman of the House, a Chamberlaine, Lakies, and al other officers that the house of a Noble man requireth.
Foure horsemen went a straggling thither, to wit Francisco Osorio, and a seruant of the Marques of Astorga, called Reynoso, and two seruants of the Gouernour, the one his page called Ribera, and the other Fuentes his Chamberlaine: and these had taken from the Indians some skinnes, and some mantles, wherewith they were offended and forsooke their houses.
The Gouernour knew of it, and commanded them to be apprehended; and condemned to death Francisco Osorio, and the Chamberlaine as principalls, and all of them to losse of goods.

Examples of Chamberlaine

Example #1
Seven years and four months ago we went to the same riding-house to see Miss Lefroy's performance!
Example #2
Miss Irvine invited us, when I met her in the Crescent, to drink tea with them, but I rather declined it, having no idea that my mother would be disposed for another evening visit there so soon; but when I gave her the message, I found her very well inclined to go; and accordingly, on leaving Chapel, we walked to Lansdown.
Example #3
Of the Iland called Alezai, and of the cape of S. Peter.
Example #4
The next day we went along the said land about 10.
Example #5
Vnderneath the aforesaid vnperfite relation that which followeth is written on another letter sent to M. Iohn Growte student in Paris from Iaques Noel of S. Malo, the grand nephew of Iaques Cartier.
Example #6
He lay in a plaine countrie half a league from the place, where the Christians lodged.