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How to use chancd in a sentence. Chancd pronunciation.

But as he was at Prayer, my Spark endeavouring to get the Weather-Gage of him, that is, the Door: my husband chanc'd to spy him, which so disord'd and affrighted him, that he was ready to sink down.
And when he chanc'd t' escape, mistook For art and subtlety, his luck.
That whatsoe'er it chanc'd to prove, Nor force of argument cou'd move; Nor law, nor cavalcade of Holborn, 435 Could render half a grain less stubborn.
Wherefore, I hope, since it hath chanced so, And yet not chanc'd, since 'tis appointed thus, That no one falls or lives, unless the God Of battles hath decreed.
Had the time been more, Much evil, that will come, had never chanc'd.
The Emperor's coming in behalf of France To order peace between them; and omit All the occurrences, whatever chanc'd, Till Harry's back-return again to France.
He sought them both, but wish'd his hap might find EVE separate, he wish'd, but not with hope Of what so seldom chanc'd, when to his wish, Beyond his hope, EVE separate he spies, Veild in a Cloud of Fragrance, where she stood, Half spi'd, so thick the Roses bushing round About her glowd, oft stooping to support Each Flour of slender stalk, whose head though gay Carnation, Purple, Azure, or spect with Gold, Hung drooping unsustaind, them she upstaies Gently with Mirtle band, mindless the while, Her self, though fairest unsupported Flour, From her best prop so farr, and storn so nigh.

Examples of Chancd

Example #1
Before he spy'd him, he was praying thus.
Example #2
Counterfeit a Ghost, by which means I wou'd quickly use a Stratagem which shou'd Relieve him without Danger.
Example #3
So right his judgment was cut fit, 395 And made a tally to his wit, And both together most profound At deeds of darkness under-ground; As th' earth is easiest undermin'd By vermin impotent and blind.
Example #4
The desp'rate feats he took in hand.
Example #5
But still his tongue ran on, the less Of weight it bore, with greater ease; And with its everlasting clack 445 Set all men's ears upon the rack.
Example #6
No sooner cou'd a hint appear, But up he started to picqueer, And made the stoutest yield to mercy, When he engag'd in controversy.