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It's followed by many of our best women-those who pride themselves on their high characters-and on their pride.
Some, brought up as mountebanks and ballet-dancers, were performing a figure-dance (he regretted to observe, that, of the fleas so employed, several were females); others were in training, in a small card-board box, for pedestrians,-mere sporting characters-and two were actually engaged in the cold-blooded and barbarous occupation of duelling; a pursuit from which humanity recoiled with horror and disgust.
If Lucifer and Cain speak as the first murderer and the first rebel may be supposed to speak, surely all the rest of the personages talk also according to their characters-and the stronger passions have ever been permitted to the drama.

Examples of Characters-and

Example #1
After all, kept woman is a thoroughly respectable occupation-or can be made so by any preacher or justice of the peace.
Example #2
He said: "Why bother about a career?
Example #3
He suggested that measures should be immediately taken to employ the labour of these fleas as part and parcel of the productive power of the country, which might easily be done by the establishment among them of infant schools and houses of industry, in which a system of virtuous education, based upon sound principles, should be observed, and moral precepts strictly inculcated.
Example #4
One flea, reduced to the level of a beast of burden, was drawing about a miniature gig, containing a particularly small effigy of His Grace the Duke of Wellington; while another was staggering beneath the weight of a golden model of his great adversary Napoleon Bonaparte.
Example #5
Cain is nothing more than a drama, not a piece of argument.
Example #6
The old Mysteries introduced him liberally enough, and all this is avoided in the new one.