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To Charles Chauncy, September 19th . . .
Well, give my love to Crittenden, to Clardy and O'Neill, To Jasper Burke and Colonel Jones, and tell 'em how I feel; My compliments to Cockrill, Munford, Switzler, Hasbrook, Vest, Bill Nelson, J. West Goodwin, Jedge Broadhead and the rest; Bid them be steadfast in the faith and pay no heed at all To Joe McCullagh's badinage or Chauncy Filley's gall; And urge them to retaliate for what I'm suffering here By cinching all the alien class that wants its Sunday beer.
The Gay Manufacturing Company consists of William N. Camp, president; Charles F. Pitt, Jr., Chauncy Brooks, S. P. Ryland, John M. Denison and William N. Camp, directors; George L. Barton, treasurer; Charles F. Pitt, Jr., secretary.

Examples of Chauncy

Example #1
Proceedings of Continental Congress-Middlesex Resolves- Opposition to Administration-Position of Committee.
Example #2
To Joseph Warren, September . . .
Example #3
Than the conscript German puppets with their swords about their heels!
Example #4
He feels disposed to buy.
Example #5
The A. & D. R. R. has made great internal improvement under the management of Major Charles B. Peck, of New York, and has progressed more rapidly than any road of which we have any knowledge.
Example #6
The advantages this company possesses, by its intimate connections with the S. & C. R. R., and A. & D. R. R., cannot be estimated, but it can be truly said that their intimate and close relations with each other, while each is a separate and distinct corporation, forms one of the grandest and far-reaching enterprises of its kind in the South.