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On either hand did sit a young wench of sixteen or eighteen years, and along on each side the house, two rowes of men, and behind them as many women, with all their heads and shoulders painted red; many of their heads bedecked with the white downe of Birds; but everyone with something: and a great chayne of white beads about their necks.
An hundred men, the king did heare say, The abbot kept in his house every day; And fifty golde chaynes, without any doubt, In velvet coates waited the abbot about.
But oh! how the citizens hugg'd him for breaking down their gates, For tearing up their posts and chaynes, and for clapping up their mates (54) (When they saw that he brought them plasters for their broken pates).

Examples of Chayne

Example #1
At his entrance before the King, all the people gave a great shout.
Example #2
Before a fire upon a seat like a bedstead, he sat covered with a great robe, made of Rarowcun skinnes and all the tayles hanging by.
Example #3
And Ile tell you a story, a story so merrye, Concerning the Abbot of Canterbùrye; How for his house-keeping, and high renowne, They rode post for him to London towne.
Example #4
How now, father abbot, I heare it of thee, Thou keepest a far better house than mee, And for thy house-keeping and high renowne, I feare thou work’st treason against my crown.’ 5.
Example #5
In truth this ruffle put the town in great disorder, Some knaves (in office) smiled, expecting 'twould go furder; But at the last, "My life on't!
Example #6
George is no Rumper," said the Recorder, "For there never was either honest man or monk of that order.