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Others had bunches of bright chestnut-brown fruit hanging from between the leaves which form the crown, each bunch about a foot in length, massive and compact, like a large cluster of Hamburg grapes.
The idiosyncrasy noted was found in the hair, which at first was quite light, afterward chestnut-brown, and May 1, 1881, almost pure black.
In chronic malaria the skin may be yellowish, from a chestnut-brown to a black color, after long exposure to the influence of the fever.
His attitude is languid, the handling of his cane gracefully indolent, the almost habitual twisting of his chestnut-brown mustache attractively self-satisfied.

Examples of Chestnut-brown

Example #1
Then there was another palm, bearing a greenish fruit not unlike the olive in appearance, which hung in large pendent bunches just below the leaves.
Example #2
Then there was the palmetto, with its tender succulent bud on the summit of the stem, used as a vegetable with meat.
Example #3
After this long exacerbation of excitement there was a short remission and then depression again set in, which lasted about fifteen months.
Example #4
There is also a case of a female servant named Jane May, who was frequently charged by her mistress with pregnancy but persistently denied it.
Example #5
It is the duty of the officials at the Dak bungalows to see that the courier makes no delay, and even if dying he is tied to his horse and sent to the next station.
Example #6
The boy was active and weighed nine pounds.