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In the same manner Chib, which is synonymous with Satan, and signifies adversary, is frequently written Chiba and Chiv-en; he is called also Rouder and Routr-en, that is, the destroyer.
Cuchi, { Tçuru } Cutçuru, chita, chiû, chiyo, chiba, tçureba.

Examples of Chiba

Example #1
Bichen has been turned into Vichen by the easy exchange of a B for a V, and into Vichenou by means of a grammatical affix.
Example #2
Then, detailing the history of their operations and adventures, he explained how Brama, proud of having created the world and the eight bobouns, or spheres of probation, thought himself superior to Chib, his equal; how his pride brought on a battle between them, in which these celestial globes were crushed like a basket of eggs; how Brama, vanquished in this conflict, was reduced to serve as a pedestal to Chib, metamorphosed into a Lingam; how Vichenou, the god mediator, has taken at different times to preserve the world, nine mortal forms of animals; how first, in shape of a fish, he saved from the universal deluge a family who repeopled the earth; how afterwards, in the form of a tortoise,** he drew from the sea of milk the mountain Mandreguiri (the pole); then, becoming a boar, he tore the belly of the giant Ereuniachessen, who was drowning the earth in the abyss of Djole, from whence he drew it out with his tusks; how, becoming incarnate in a black shepherd, and under the name of Christ-en, he delivered the world of the enormous serpent Calengem, and then crushed his head, after having been wounded by him in the heel.
Example #3
Fagi, { _Change_ } Fadzuru, fagita, giû, giyo, giba, gitaraba.
Example #4
Ubi { Furubi, bu, bita, biû, ûzu, ûzuru, biyo, bisai, biba, bitaraba.