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I love Celestine as a man loves his only child-so well indeed, that, to preserve her from having either brother or sister, I resigned myself to all the privations of a widower-in Paris, and in the prime of life, madame.
Hilary noticed that her boots were split, and this-as though he had seen someone strike a child-so moved his indignation that he felt no more qualms, but rather a sort of pleasant glow, such as will come to the most studious man when he levels a blow at the conventions.
I remember the old gentleman when I was a child-so fine, and clean, and pleasant, it was a sight just to see him ride by on his dappled horse.

Examples of Child-so

Example #1
I have never asked anything of any man," he broke out with an artist's pride.
Example #2
But you must understand that, in spite of this extravagant affection for my daughter, I do not intend to reduce my fortune for the sake of your son, whose expenses are not wholly accounted for-in my eyes, as an old man of business.
Example #3
He looked down at his companion-her eyes were lowered; he could not tell at all what she was thinking of.
Example #4
The little model rose obediently.
Example #5
He always lifted his hat to me, too, when he passed me in the road, and once he gave me some peaches for opening the red gate for him.
Example #6
I'm sure I can't see what you have against the Blakes, as far as that goes.