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Hannah came forward and looked at the children-at David white and blinking-at the four-year-old Louie, bundled up in an old shawl, which dragged on the ground behind her, and staring wildly round her at the old low-roofed kitchen with the terror of the trapped bird.
These girls got more and more girlish, until, from being women at the administering of laudanum, they sank back to about eight years of age-perfect children-at the tea-table.

Examples of Children-at

Example #1
They'll be beaten, those braggarts, if there's justice in heaven.
Example #2
He obeyed, and then the barefooted trio entered the front kitchen together.
Example #3
The tension was snapped by Mr. Povey.
Example #4
It was a sad example of the difference between young women's dreams of social brilliance and the reality of life.