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The last entry which contains the characteristic words _ixnu[c]ahol_, “you my children,” occurs in the year 1559, and is the last given in my translation.
The Condition of the Gipsy Children,” appears in the _Daily News_, October 6th:—“At the Social Science Congress Mr. George Smith, of Coalville, will to-morrow open a fresh campaign of philanthropy.
The following is a copy of my paper upon the “Condition of Gipsy Children,” as read by me before the Social Science Congress, held at Manchester on October 7th, 1879.

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Example #1
My belief is that the document I give was written by the father of Francisco Ernantez Xahila.
Example #2
At this time my second son Raphael was born, at the close of the fourth year of the fourth cycle after the revolt.
Example #3
The philanthropic Alexander is seldom in the unhappy condition of his Macedonian original, and generally has plenty of worlds remaining ready to be conquered.
Example #4
Brick-yards and canal-boats have not exhausted Mr. Smith’s energies, and the field he has now entered upon is wider and perhaps harder to work than either of these.
Example #5
I was to be honoured with a large audience, so much so, that, before I had proceeded very far with it, the hall was nearly full of merchant princes—who could afford to leave their bags of gold and cotton—and ladies and gentlemen desirous of listening to my humble tale of neglected humanity, and the outcasts of society, commonly called “Gipsies’ children.
Example #6
It has ceased to be even picturesque.