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How to use children-oh in a sentence. Children-oh pronunciation.

His children-"Oh! my babes!" cried he, and the cry of a father's heart for once pierced the obdurate bosom of the captain, who, in that moment, had happened to come upon the deck to examine the night.
My children-oh my children-must ye suffer!
From time to time the old woman spoke as if to the children-"Oh ay, hinnies, whisht! whisht!

Examples of Children-oh

Example #1
To ease his Otaheitan benefactor, he declared he had thus carried him off, to share in the honour of his expected discoveries.
Example #2
His disconsolate, his despairing wife, tearing her bright locks, and beating the tender bosom he must no longer clasp to his own.
Example #3
Away all thoughts of peace henceforth for ever.
Example #4
The remnant of my wealth; yet this-all this, I cou'd with patient resignation bear, And toil with pleasure for an honest pittance.
Example #5
A diligent collector of these legendary scraps of ancient poetry, his foot refused to cross the threshold when his ear was thus arrested, and his hand instinctively took pencil and memorandum-book.
Example #6
As the Antiquary lifted the latch of the hut, he was surprised to hear the shrill tremulous voice of Elspeth chanting forth an old ballad in a wild and doleful recitative.