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How to use children-she in a sentence. Children-she pronunciation.

Isaac hated her-she would be taken from her children-she felt Watson's grip upon her arm-she saw the jeering faces at the village doors.
She might make a scene-she might introduce those two children-she was capable of anything.
One afternoon as he lay there, the landlady came in with a telegram for him, which she said had been brought round by one of Frau Krause's children-she tossed it on the table, as she spoke, to express the contempt she felt for him.
Afterwards, they romped with the children-she and Susan.

Examples of Children-she

Example #1
At times a wave of sheer bewilderment swept across her.
Example #2
But in a very short time the blessed numbness was gone, and consciousness became once more a torture, the medium of terrors not to be borne.
Example #3
Then he noticed that the camp bed which he occasionally used was prepared, and his sleeping-suit laid out upon it.
Example #4
Entering his dressing-room where the gas was also light and burning low, he went quickly to the other door.
Example #5
Propped open on the table was a Danish Grammar, which she conned as she ate; for, in the coming holidays, she was engaged to go to Norway, as guide and travelling-companion to a party of Englishwomen.
Example #6
The latter was making her supper of tea, bread, and cold sausage, and when she heard that he had not eaten, she set a cup and plate before him, and was glad that she happened to be late.