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Yes, M'sieur,-yes-their wedding-day, the dear children-their wedding-day!
She was almost exclusively occupied with the children-their ailments or their pleasures-and staid in her own room, or the nursery.
They were lovely children-their lovely mother's image; and they were named Hubert, Leoline, and Honorine, or, as you knew her, Miranda.
These children did not all have the same father and mother-that is, Mr. and Mrs. Percy's eldest son had three children, whose names were Mary, and Carry, and Thomas; and one of their daughters was married, and had three children-their names were Willy, and Bella, and Fanny; and their youngest son was married and had one child.

Examples of Children-their

Example #1
They've been betrothed these two years.
Example #2
The mother laughed, and rubbed her hands.
Example #3
When in the house I never occupied one spot long, but wandered in the garden, which had a row of elms, or haunted the kitchen and stables, to watch black Phoebe, the cook, or the men as they cleaned the horses or carriages.
Example #4
At home I saw little of her.
Example #5
Even my father did not seem to care for them much, not even as much as he cared for me; and when he lay on his deathbed, one year later, I was left, young as I was, their sole guardian, and trustee of all his wealth.
Example #6
To my care she intrusted them on her deathbed, and she could have scarcely intrusted them to worse; for, though I liked her, I most decidedly disliked them.