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For if there pass long intervals betwixt the priapizing feats, and that thou make an intermission of too large a time, that will befall thee which betides the nurses if they desist from giving suck to children-they lose their milk; and if continually thou do not hold thy aspersory tool in exercise, and keep thy mentul going, thy lacticinian nectar will be gone, and it will serve thee only as a pipe to piss out at, and thy cods for a wallet of lesser value than a beggar's scrip.
A husband to take care of her, and children-they would be the making of her.
Men are all like children-they tire of their toys; hence the frequent trouble and discomfort of marriage.
I don't care for children-they are unpleasant, troublesome little things, whom nothing would delight so much as to hear that you had fallen down dead.
You're rich, and you have friends who wouldn't understand-and your children-they wouldn't understand.
Especially the children-they don't understand.
When they arrived at Clark's house, he was seated among his children-they put two or three balls through his body.
Your children-they are wearing the discarded clothes of my children, of the children of my neighbours who think the clothes went to some orphan asylum.
You shall see now the well-ordered estate laid waste;-the peasants killed or hiding in the woods;-the mansion smashed, and its elegant furniture;-the squire, the kindly-severe religious matron his mother the young wife,-gracious lady of the house,- and the bonny children:-they are hacked corpses lying at random in the wrecked salons, or in the trampled garden where my lady's flowers now grow wild.

Examples of Children-they

Example #1
All distempers are sowed in lent; 'tis the true seminary and native bed of all diseases; nor does it only weaken and putrefy bodies, but it also makes souls mad and uneasy.
Example #2
This is a certain truth I tell thee, friend, and doubt not of it; for myself have seen the sad experiment thereof in many, who cannot now do what they would, because before they did not what they might have done: Ex desuetudine amittuntur privilegia.
Example #3
On the Human Understanding,' and various volumes of old Calvinist sermons, which he read, partly because his reading appetite was insatiable, partly from a half-contemptuous desire to find out what it might be that Uncle Reuben was always troubling his head about.
Example #4
From the forgotten deposit in the old meal-ark upstairs, which had yielded 'Paradise Lost,' he drew other treasures by degrees.
Example #5
They grow weary of the same face, the same caressing arms, the same faithful heart!
Example #6
And now the vague sense of uncertainty and pain which had distressed him passed away, leaving him fully self-possessed once more.