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How to use children-wa in a sentence. Children-wa pronunciation.

There-that's for the children-was not sure that they could read writing; especially jean, who is strangely ignorant in some things.
The elder-the most lovable, the most affectionate of my children-was killed in a duel.
The operation was at once begun; it was necessarily slow; and chloroform-one of God's best gifts to his suffering children-was then unknown.

Examples of Children-wa

Example #1
I would not give sixpence to be out yonder in the storm, although it is only snow.
Example #2
Livy dear, a mouse kept me awake last night till 3 or 4 o'clock-so I am lying abed this morning.
Example #3
I had two sons, Miss Stella.
Example #4
Let me tell you what my trouble is, and you will understand that I am in earnest.
Example #5
The surgeon did his work.
Example #6
Ailie stepped up on a seat, and laid herself on the table, as her friend the surgeon told her; arranged herself, gave a rapid look at James, shut her eyes, rested herself on me, and took my hand.