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How to use chill-a in a sentence. Chill-a pronunciation.

My feet slipped-a sharp pain succeeded by a sudden chill-a feeling of suffocation-of my head being ready to burst-and I remembered no more.
The next day was that 'cold Friday' long remembered by those who felt its deadly chill-a day when water thrown in the magic air came down in clinking crystals, and sheaths of frost lay thick upon the windows.
The water was slightly sulphureous, and the pailfuls which he dashed over my head were so hot that they produced the effect of a chill-a violent nervous shudder.

Examples of Chill-a

Example #1
When I recovered consciousness it was late in the morning, for the bright sun shone upon the ground through the crevices of a sail cloth tent, and so different was all that met my eyes to the dismal scene through which I had so lately passed, and which yet haunted my memory, that I felt that sweet feeling of relief which we experience when, waking from some horrid vision, we become convinced how unsubstantial are its terrors, and are ready to smile at the pain they excited.
Example #2
Eagerly we pressed forward, and in the excitement of the moment we relinquished all hold of one another, and attempted to wade through the mud singly. "Stop! halt!" shouted more than one stentorian voice; but the warning came too late.
Example #3
But that and the one before it were among the few days in that early period that lie, like a rock, under my character.
Example #4
Then he told the story of the blue beech.
Example #5
The temperature of the springs is 180 deg.
Example #6
The man who took me was sweated away almost to nothing; his very bones appeared to have become soft and pliable.