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How to use chillily in a sentence. Chillily pronunciation.

Becoming the renowned original of her society, wherever it might be, in Germany, Italy, Southern France, she grew chillily sensible of the solitude decreed for their heritage to our loftiest souls.
After the preliminary glowering at each other, _more Britannico_, in the drawing-room, everybody regards it as a relief to be summoned to the repast, which, however, commences as chillily as the soup and as stolidly as the salmon.
She was ever gloomy, unsympathising, carping, but she worked herself to death for those whose love she chillily repulsed.

Examples of Chillily

Example #1
Her Indian Bacchus, as a learned professor supplied Prince Marko's title for her, was a pet, not a companion.
Example #2
If her flowing tongue was imperfectly controlled, it was because she discoursed by preference to men upon our various affairs and tangles, and they encouraged her with the tickled wonder which bids the bold advance yet farther into bogland.
Example #3
The soul of the hostess is heavy with the anxiety of prospective dishes, the brow of the host is clouded with the reflection that our rulers are bent upon dragging us into war.
Example #4
This is all very well, still the advantageous effect of sparkling wine at an ordinary British dinner-party, composed as it frequently is of people pitchforked together in accordance with the exigencies of the hostess’s visiting-list, cannot be gainsayed.
Example #5
She worked till, denying herself every comfort, she literally dropped.
Example #6
A sad life was hers, for she repelled all sympathy, and yet later I had reason to believe that she half broke her heart because none loved her well.