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How to use chirruped in a sentence. Chirruped pronunciation.

Much obliged, Is," he chirruped.
He chirruped to his horse, but checked it again, put out his head and called, "Keep your feet warm, wont you?
There was a piece of bread upon the bench, left from his morning meal; and the old fellow chirruped about, and looked as blithe as if he was up to the middle in clover.
Thor cracked his whip and chirruped fiercely to his twin goats with golden hoofs, for he wanted to escape the sounds of mirth that echoed from the rainbow bridge, where all the Æsir stood watching.
But one of these men was Joe Cross, and Rodd chirruped faintly to attract's the sailor's attention.
Yes, he had chirruped like a bally linnet.
Parrots peeped in and out of every cranny, while, within the airy woodland, brilliant lizards basked like living gems upon the bark, gaudy finches flitted and chirruped, butterflies of every size and color hovered over the topmost twigs, innumerable insects hummed from morn till eve; and when the sun went down, tree-toads came out to snore and croak till dawn.
So they all sang and chirruped together the whole winter through, and cheered us in that cold, sad season.
Oho!' said the Rat, and chirruped cheerily in an inviting sort of way.
Dr. Cavendish laughed one of his quiet laughs-a laugh that wrinkled the lines about his eyes, with only a low gurgle in his throat for accompaniment, picked up his whip, lifted his hat in mock courtesy to the old nurse, and calling to Rex, who, bored by Meg's attentions, had at last retreated under the gig, chirruped to his horse, and drove on.

Examples of Chirruped

Example #1
My mind's rested some already.
Example #2
So, instead of going alone to the railway station, Albert made one of a delegation of three.
Example #3
Helen laughed, and staring at him, called him a bear, and told him he ought to live in a hospital, where he would have plenty of sick women to tease.
Example #4
Helen said that Dr. White had been crossed in love, and long after had married a deformed woman-for science's sake, perhaps.
Example #5
He showed us a little thing which he had done "for a bit ov a prank.
Example #6
He was not short of such food as the Relief Committees bestow.