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Definition of Choak

  • See Choke.

How to use choak in a sentence. Choak pronunciation.

So lovers should their passions choak, That, tho' they burn, they may not smoak.
Vanslyperken passed the man at the helm, and walked aft to the taffrail; he stood up on the choak to ascertain what way she was making through the water, and he was meditating upon the best method of proceeding.
Many spellings were carried over unchanged from the 1804 original, even if they were archaic by 1851, such as "doat", "choak", "staid" (for "stayed") and others.

Examples of Choak

Example #1
An ascetic on the road to success, he dedicated himself to a term of hard drinking under a reverse; and the question addressed to the chief towns in the sketch counties his head contained was, which one near would be likely to supply the port wine for floating him through garlanding dreams of possession most tastily to blest oblivion.
Example #2
You have a great reputation as a horseman, anyhow," he added, desiring to help Rodney in his effort to recover his complacency.
Example #3
Had he known where Smallbones' hammock was hung, he would have gone down with the view of ascertaining the fact; but with a crew so evidently opposed to him, he could not see how even the ascertaining that Smallbones was on board would be productive of any good consequences.
Example #4
The night was very warm, but there was a light and increasing breeze and the cutter was standing in and close to the shore to make a long board upon next tack.
Example #5
From them you will be enabled to obtain information [enable] In them we can place the utmost confidence.
Example #6
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