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How to use christian-and in a sentence. Christian-and pronunciation.

Monsoor was a Christian,-and my "Forty Thieves" were stanch, brave fellows who would go through fire.
The truth on't is, I did endeavour to make her look like a Christian-and she was sensible of it, for she thanked me, and gave me two apples, piping hot, out of her under- petticoat pocket.
Rome called herself Christian-and where is Rome?

Examples of Christian-and

Example #1
Ali Nedjar was, as usual, revelling in strength and activity, and was now foremost in the work of towing the diahbeeah.
Example #2
Abd-el-Kader was as true as gold.
Example #3
Ha, ha, ha: and t'other did so stare and gape, I fancied her like the front of her father's hall; her eyes were the two jut-windows, and her mouth the great door, most hospitably kept open for the entertainment of travelling flies.
Example #4
The poor creature, I warrant, was as full of curtsies, as if I had been her godmother.
Example #5
Christianity is doomed, and the Germans call themselves Christians!
Example #6
A typhoon, smiting right and left!