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It is so persistently twisted and befogged and misunderstood, some of the very best people seem inclined to make our prayer-meetings into formidable church-meetings, for the purpose of hearing a succession of not _very_ short sermons, rather than a social gathering of Christians, to sympathize with, and pray for and help each other, as I believe the Master intended them to be.
This is what our church-meetings should be-not a formal and very dull round of prayers and set remarks, more or less pointless; they ought to be a yielding-up of our heart's best life to others.
The preacher never went back; spoke in a church-meeting soon after of the prevalence of Tom Paine's opinions among the lower classes.

Examples of Church-meeting

Example #1
But may I say a word to you personally?
Example #2
The subject is one which awakens sarcasm in me.
Example #3
It is not a whit more spiritual to be stupid than to be bright.
Example #4
Tell me, in prayer or speech-making, formal or social occasion, pastor or people, do we often bring our very deepest, tenderest, most inspiring emotional or intellectual life?
Example #5
Half of our sham preachers take the vague name of "Paine" to cover all of Christ's opponents,-not ranking themselves there, of course.
Example #6
I on'y think there's an awful mistake: just this: that the Church thinks it is Christ's body an' us uns is outsiders, an' we think so too, an' despise Him through you with yer stingy souls an' fights an' squabblins; not seein' that the Church is jes' an hospital, where some of the sickest of God's patients is tryin' to get cured.