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Seated apart from his worshipers upon a little sketching stool, and handling a remarkably long, amber cigarette-holder with much grace, was Olaf van Noord.
What had disturbed the head-master far more than the smoking was the fact that a few boys had been found to possess somewhat costly pipes, cigar-holders, or cigarette-holders.
The tobacco- jar, the cigarette-holder, the three papers of shirt-studs, which were to have been the prices of the tombola had the tombola come off, were made into a bundle with the music; the guitar was stowed into the fat guitar-case; and Elvira having thrown a thin shawl about her neck and shoulders, the pair issued from the cafe and set off for the Black Head.
His Wife and the Daughter and the Cigarette-Holder she had picked up in Europe figured in the Gay Life of the Nation's Capital every Night and went to see a Nerve Specialist every Day.

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Example #1
He had hair of so light a yellow as sometimes to appear white, worn very long, brushed back from his brow and cut squarely all around behind, lending him a medieval appearance.
Example #2
He wore a slight mustache carefully pointed; and his scanty vandyke beard could not entirely conceal the weakness of his chin.
Example #3
The head-master, wily, had not confiscated these articles; he had merely informed the parents concerned.
Example #4
The head-master had discovered it and, he hoped, stamped it out.
Example #5
As they crossed the market-place the church bell rang out eleven.
Example #6
And with that they set to work on their preparations.