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Definition of Clangor

  • A sharp, harsh, ringing sound.
  • a loud resonant repeating noise
  • make a loud noise
  • make a loud resonant noise

How to use clangor in a sentence. Clangor pronunciation.

Around the base of the monument groups of citizens congregated until the cars were forced to slow down and proceed with a clangor of gongs which served only as a tocsin to draw more recruits.
The shops blazed with jewels and merchandise; the stonemasons were at work on the new buildings; the lemonade venders, with their gay reservoirs upon their backs, were plying a noisy trade; the bill-stickers were papering boardings and lamp-posts with variegated advertisements; the charlatan, in his gaudy chariot, was selling pencils and penknives to the accompaniment of a hand-organ; soldiers were marching to the clangor of military music; the merchant was in his counting-house, the stock-broker at the Bourse, and the lounger, whose name is Legion, was sitting in the open air outside his favorite cafe, drinking chocolate, and yawning over the _Charivari_.
And each nightfall, when the turmoil Of the Petrine clangor ceaseth, Seven flames the arch illumine, Mystic burnings, glowing strangely.
The clangor of bells, of voices, and of churning screws died, remote, astern.
The metallic clangor was mellowed by distance, rising and falling like rhythmic waves, and the faint echo, filtered through dense pine forests behind the penitentiary, had the ghostly iteration of the Folge Fond.
There is such a relief, from the clangor and din Of the heart of the town, to go loitering in Through the dim, narrow walks, with the sheltering shade Of the trees waving over the long promenade, And littering lightly the ways of our feet With the gold of the sunshine of Lockerbie street.
Shrieks of whistles, the booming of cannon, and the clangor of bells, awoke millions of sleeping persons, many of whom trooped into the streets to mingle their rejoicings with those of their neighbors.
Except for their own coup, the cable-cars, with their flaming foreheads, and the mechanical clangor of their gongs at the corners, seemed to have it altogether to themselves.
Expiation A multitudinous clangor of bells and a dozen neighboring chimes rang noon; then the rectangular oblongs of hot sunlight that fell from the windows upon the carpet of Mellin's room began imperceptibly to shift their angles and move eastward.
The bucina sounds close at hand, followed by a formidable clangor of trumpets.
Ranger became a mobilization point, a vast concentration camp for supplies, and amid its feverish activity there was no rest, no Sundays or holidays; the work went on at top tension night and day amid a clangor of metal, a ceaseless roar of motors, a bedlam of hammers and saws and riveters.
The sharp clangor of the cars rose between the,. "You think I dragged in this car question," she said.
There was a vegetable howl, and clash, and clangor in the air, and the Lily, having knocked off several of the Shamrocks' greenest leaves, went to its friend, the American Beaver, for comfort and support.
And with loud clangor of his arms he fell.
The Canterbury-bells may be chiming velvet peals down in their dark cathedrals, but no clash nor clangor nor faintest echo ripples up into my Garden World.
Beat with fierce clangor your brazen cymbals!
Day and night, night and day, there was clangor and rumbling and roaring and flashes of intense light.
Anon, his voice appeared to fill the air, yet not with an obtrusive clangor.
There she goes, in her black cloak, seen dim in the night, except where there are snow and moon together, and there she waits, her hand on the knocker, for the bell to strike to set up her clangor.
Trains were coming and going, and the whistles and bells kept up a ceaseless clangor.

Examples of Clangor

Example #1
Vehicles came to a halt, were wedged dose to the curbs, and became coigns of vantage; office windows, store-fronts, balconies, and roof-tops began to cluster with a human freight.
Example #2
Men continued on past their places of business; shops and offices remained closed; the wide strip of neutral ground which divided the two sides of the city's leading thoroughfare began to pack.
Example #3
I thought I must be dreaming.
Example #4
Where there had been closed shutters and deserted thoroughfares, there was the bustle of life, gayety, business, and pleasure.
Example #5
Then cast off their graven shackles Judah's sons of beaten marble; Living step they from the ruin Living stride they to the Jordan.
Example #6
With its carven Jewish captives Stooped before the holy Menorah.