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How to use clanguor in a sentence. Clanguor pronunciation.

The organ finished with a clanguor of all its pipes; the minister had a few last words with Jehovah, and nothing was left to do except to persevere in well-doing.
They obeyed; Marianne, racing blindly ahead, heard a clanguor of shots behind her and riveted her eyes on the chestnut, waiting for him to fall.

Examples of Clanguor

Example #1
The people leaned towards each other across the high backs of the pews.
Example #2
The superintendent minister opened his hymn-book, and the hymn was sung which had been sung in Wesleyan Chapels on New Year's morn since the era of John Wesley himself.
Example #3
But he did not fall.
Example #4
He seemed to challenge the bullets with his lordly head and in another moment he was wheeling with the mares about him.