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The Château de Chillon is situated between Clarens and Villeneuve, which last is at one extremity of the Lake of Geneva.
Here, where Clarens, with its weeping-willows, is reflected in the clear water, wandered Rousseau, dreaming of Heloise.
Dichten moet uut herten vri Comen ende uut claren zinne, Daer God behoude inne Elken dichter die waerheit mint.
One of these villages, Clarens, was rendered famous in the last century by the pen of Rousseau, and early in this by the pen of Byron.

Examples of Claren

Example #1
On its left are the entrances of the Rhone, and opposite are the heights of Meillerie and the range of Alps above Boveret and St. Gingo.
Example #2
Near it, on a hill behind, is a torrent: below it, washing its walls, the lake has been fathomed to the depth of 800 feet, French measure: within it are a range of dungeons, in which the early reformers, and subsequently prisoners of state, were confined.
Example #3
The river Rhone glides gently by beneath the lofty snow-capped hills of Savoy, and not far from its mouth lies a little island in the lake, so small that, seen from the shore, it looks like a ship.
Example #4
Here, under the walnut-trees, by the deep blue lake, sat Byron, and wrote his melodious verses about the prisoner confined in the gloomy castle of Chillon.
Example #5
Aldus eindigt de eerste Nederlandsche poëtiek.
Example #6
Misschien mogen wij zeggen: de eerste Europeesche poëtiek die in eene moderne volkstaal geschreven is; mij althans is in geen der moderne literaturen een vroeger of gelijktijdig geschrift bekend dat met dit hoofdstuk van JAN BOENDALE vergeleken kan worden.