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How to use claws in a sentence. Claws pronunciation.

Bits of flesh hold your claws- There's blood flowing free From your beaks, surely nigh Dead bodies there be.
Begin with the claws-" [Illustration: FIG.
Evadne stroked the dainty claws,- "Poor little chap!

Examples of Claws

Example #1
Harald we've follow'd, Of Halfdan the son, Ever since from the egg That we egress have won.
Example #2
The Valkyrie's vext No war-field to find; The speech she knew well Of the wild feather'd kind, And thus she bespake him Who bears the brown bill, So proud as he perch'd on The peak of the hill.
Example #3
Now I will show you that such feet as the Sparrow has are as much like Dodo's as a Sparrow's beak is like her mouth.
Example #4
Insect-eating bill of Robin; 2.
Example #5
So you are a pilgrim like the rest of us.
Example #6
Progress is the law of all being, and seventy years of life is generally enough for the majority.