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How to use clay-like in a sentence. Clay-like pronunciation.

Cheselden speaks of a case in which a child was carried many years in the uterus, being converted into a clay-like substance, but preserving form and outline.
You wouldn't think that it was formed in a gaseous state, then changed to a liquid and finally to a clay-like material that could be worked with ease.
Now all that showed was a small, narrow ribbon of muddy water, in the clay-like expanse of what had been the bed of the original stream.

Examples of Clay-like

Example #1
He is an inordinate eater, sometimes spending an hour at a meal, eating voraciously all the time, if permitted to do so.
Example #2
The woman coughed in her sleep.
Example #3
A thousand years after your body has returned to dust, that piece of _Indurate_ will still exist, unchanged, unworn.
Example #4
Notice the smooth grainless texture-hard and yet not brittle.
Example #5
Their intelligent ponies pushed their way through the heaving mass of steers until the three of them stood on the brink of what had been a fair-sized branch of the Rolling River but a few hours before.
Example #6
But Dave, Mr. Carson and Skinny were more at home in the saddle than afoot.