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How to use cleethorpe in a sentence. Cleethorpe pronunciation.

We used to go to a seaside place in Lincolnshire called Cleethorpes.
Mr. Hood's defect of imagination was illustrated in this matter; he had been somehow led, years ago, to pay a visit to Cleethorpes, and since then that one place represented for him the seaside.

Examples of Cleethorpe

Example #1
Wilfrid continued to pluck heather, and let his eyes catch a glimpse of her face now and then.
Example #2
Miss Hood was a year younger than himself, and had well outgrown girlishness.
Example #3
Others might be just as accessible and considerably more delightful, but it did not even occur to him to vary.
Example #4
To suggest any other place of summer retreat would have been too alarming.