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Definition of Climatal

  • Climatic.

How to use climatal in a sentence. Climatal pronunciation.

Just to allude to one point in your last note, viz., about species of the same genus GENERALLY having a common or continuous area; if they are actual lineal descendants of one species, this of course would be the case; and the sadly too many exceptions (for me) have to be explained by climatal and geological changes.
And with respect to tropical plants withstanding the slowly coming on cool period, I trust to such facts as yours (and others) about seeds of the same species from mountains and plains having acquired a slightly different climatal constitution.
The numerous facts we have already given, and many others that might be arrayed in advocacy of our position, taken in connection with the general facts here presented in regard to plant-distribution, all point directly to climatal and soil conditions as the real cause of dissemination, and not to their migration from continent to continent, and across vast intervening seas and oceans, as the theory of Professor Gray and others would require us to believe.

Examples of Climatal

Example #1
A fortiori on this view (but on exactly same grounds), all the individuals of the same species should have a continuous distribution.
Example #2
I do not much underrate the many HUGE difficulties on this view, but yet it seems to me to explain too much, otherwise inexplicable, to be false.
Example #3
I know all that I have said will excite in you savage contempt towards me.
Example #4
I would far more trust such graphic accounts as that by you of the mixed vegetation on the Himalayas and other such accounts.
Example #5
Take the case of the _Schizoea pusilla_ of the New Jersey pine barrens, to which we have already referred, growing in similar barrens in New Zealand, and how are we to account for their antipodal appearance upon the globe?
Example #6
Wherever the hygrometric, thermometric, telluric, and other conditions favor, the class of vegetation indicated by the presence of these conditions makes its appearance, just as the fire-weed makes its appearance in our warm temperate zone, not from the presence of seed, but simply the presence of "conditions"-the _pro_vision of man harmonizing with the _pre_vision of nature.