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How to use close-a in a sentence. Close-a pronunciation.

But the Earth withal is verdant, sun-beshone; and the Son of Adam has his place on it, and his tasks and recompenses in it, to the close;-as one remembers by and by, too.
It brings death so close-A fortnight ago twenty-seven people were killed and injured within a mile of this by Zeppelin bombs....
A kind of disdain might be traced in the curve of the short upper lip, to which the moustache was clipped close-a good fit, like his coat.

Examples of Close-a

Example #1
On the whole, I am infinitely solitary; but not more heavy laden than I have all along been, perhaps rather less so; I could fancy even old age to be beautiful, and to have a real divineness: for the rest, I say always, I cannot part with you, however it go; and so, in brief, you must get into the way of holding yourself obliged as formerly to a kind of _dialogue_ with me; and speak, on paper since not otherwise, the oftenest you can.
Example #2
These too are necessary, moods to a man.
Example #3
Every one loses some one....
Example #4
It thrusts into all our lives.
Example #5
The disdain was more marked this morning.
Example #6
The eyes were deepset and watchful.