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Sometimes the camera caught her silhouetted against the sky (Burns was partial to skyline silhouettes), and sometimes it showed her quite close,-in which case it would be Muriel instead of Jean,-clinging desperately to the face of a ledge (ledges were also favorite scenes), and seeking with hands or feet for a hold upon the rough face of the rock.
It takes _money_ to lease close-in stuff.
A few of his followers-the close-in favorites-had called to see him, but had been denied.

Examples of Close-in

Example #1
During the last two or three scenes Gil Huntley had been shown gaining upon her.
Example #2
She was not supposed to know where her flight was taking her.
Example #3
But-we 'ain't even got an option!
Example #4
And they realized that, or Bell did, as soon as he'd had time to collect himself.
Example #5
His wife, flutteringly made excuses.
Example #6
In his house on Water Street, a big, square brick house, with plain verandahs, the ex-Premier sat alone that night.