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How to use clothing-a in a sentence. Clothing-a pronunciation.

Her trunk, which had come on in the raft, enabled her to obtain a change of clothing,-a luxury none of the rest of us could enjoy.
It had given her servants, house, and fine clothing-a setting that invested Lucetta with a startling novelty in the eyes of him who had known her in her narrow days.
It is no guide to proper clothing-as witness the unhealthy, uncomfortable, unbeautiful garments we wear.
Here Qastcèëlçi took the bags from the back of the Navajo, opened them, and drew from them some beautifully garnished clothing-a pair of moccasins, a pair of long-fringed leggings, and a shirt.

Examples of Clothing-a

Example #1
We all enjoyed the feast, however; for we were thoroughly tired, and expected to obtain a comfortable night's rest after it.
Example #2
He then begged her to retire to her hut, and to take that rest she so much needed.
Example #3
He accordingly lapsed into moodiness, and at every allusion to the possibility of Farfrae's near election to the municipal chair his former hatred of the Scotchman returned.
Example #4
It was no mercenary hankering after her fortune that moved him, though that fortune had been the means of making her so much the more desired by giving her the air of independence and sauciness which attracts men of his composition.
Example #5
It is no guide to success in any kind of human industry, business, science or art.
Example #6
Instinct is no guide to proper food to-day: we have to use our brains and learn what is right to eat.