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Definition of Cloudlike

  • resembling a cloud.

How to use cloudlike in a sentence. Cloudlike pronunciation.

A faint, cloudlike, self- luminous mass of matter situated beyond the solar system among the stars.
And as Ann peeped, a cloudlike dread Stole over her, and then, On stealthy, mouselike feet she trod, And tiptoed out again.
They are broad, rugged, crevassed cloudlike masses of down-grinding ice, pouring forth streams of muddy water as measures of the work they are doing in sculpturing the rocks beneath them; very unlike the long, majestic glaciers of Alaska that riverlike go winding down the valleys through the forests to the sea.

Examples of Cloudlike

Example #1
To be mad; to go mad; to rave.
Example #2
As formed by Laplace, it supposed the matter of the solar system to have existed originally in the form of a vast, diffused, revolving nebula, which, gradually cooling and contracting, threw off, in obedience to mechanical and physical laws, succesive rings of matter, from which subsequently, by the same laws, were produced the several planets, satellites, and other bodies of the system.
Example #3
Yet slumber lay so deep Even her hands upon her lap Seemed saturate with sleep.
Example #4
So that her small unconscious face Looked half unreal to be: So calmly lit with sleep's pale light Each feature was; so fair Her forehead-every trouble was Smoothed out beneath her hair.
Example #5
These, with a few others as yet nameless, are lingering remnants of once great glaciers that occupied the canyons now taken by the rivers, and in a few centuries will, under present conditions, vanish altogether.
Example #6
Returning to Sheep Rock and following the old emigrant road, one is soon back again beneath the snows and shadows of Shasta, and the Ash Creek and McCloud Glaciers come into view on the east side of the mountain.